About Us

At University Canine Learning Academy, located in Seattle, we are committed to teaching people how to communicate with their dogs effectively in a manner that is enjoyable for everyone.

Our methods are based in the science of Animal Learning Theory, using two of the four quadrants: positive reinforcement and negative punishment.That means that we use motivational methods to reward dogs for doing those things we like, while removing the “pay off” for those behaviors we don’t want.The use of a clicker or marker word is employed in our classes to mark the desired behavior.

Though food rewards are used in class, we always encourage our students to use real life environmental rewards as well.It could be as simple as moving forward on a walk or as abstract as being allowed to play with other dogs.

Our commitment is the use of effective, humane training methods.Positive does not mean permissive. Dogs repeat behaviors that work and give up those that don’t.Science has shown that success improves learning in dogs and we use this to our clients’ advantage.

Instructors at UCLA Dogs participate in continuing education, including dogTEC’s Dog Walker’s Academy, Terry Ryan’s Poultry in Motion, Pet CPR and First Aid certification, Dr.Ian Dunbar’s Dog Aggression telecourse, Veronica Boutelle’s Dog Pro seminar and internationally renowned author Kat Albrecht’s Missing Pet Partnership Lost Dog Recovery lecture. University Canine Learning Academy was nominated for Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington and NBC’s Shine a Light program, and our instructors have authored award winning articles. It is our mission to stay abreast of current training science as well as sharing that knowledge with our clients.