Linda McVay, CCS CDW

Linda has always loved dogs and began seriously working with them in 1990. After graduating from the first Canine Studies Program and managing another training facility she decided to strike out on her own. She is an award winning author and guest speaker. She continues to keep abreast of industry literature and attends seminars and lectures as her busy schedule allows. Now embarking on her own venture, she looks forward to continuing to help people effectively communicate with their dogs at Seattle’s own University Canine Learning Academy. Her compassion for dogs and their owners is evident from the moment you enter her classroom. She brings both reason and joy to the sometimes daunting process of better understanding canine behavior and training. Continuing Education: "CAAB Chat - Helping Pet Owners Follow Through With Behavior Intervention Plans", Clicker Expo 2015, "Deconstructing The Growl" seminar, presented by Dr.Sophia Yin & Sarah Kalnajs; Terry Ryan's, "Poultry in Motion"; Dr.Ian Dunbar's "Dog on Dog Aggression" telecourse; Dr.Ian Dunbar's "Science Based Training with Feeling" seminars; The "Dog and Baby Connection"; Grisha Stewart's "Puppy Socialization the Right Way"; Adolescent Dogs; Veronica Boutelle's "Dog Walker Academy"; Veronica Boutelle’s "Dog Pro" seminar; Retired police k-9 officer and internationally renowned author, Kat Albrecht, of Missing Pet Partnership, "Lost Dog Recovery" seminar.

Jen and Zula

Jen Skiver Thompson, MS CDW

Jen grew up, like many of us, with a big love for animals and has had experience training many different species including dogs, horses and monkeys! Her professional animal training career started in 2003 with monkeys, which continued through graduate school. In 2014 she transitioned to training dogs exclusively, and has been a member of the UCLA family since that time. Jen has had undergraduate and graduate level training in animal behavior and physiology, which has enriched her training in applied animal behavior. She is a graduate of Dog* Tec's Dog Walker's Academy, and continues to pursue other educational opportunities in order to stay current within the field of dog training. She is also a member of King County Search and Rescue Search Dogs team where she and her dog Zula are a certified trailing team. They are deployed together on missions throughout Western Washington by the King County Sheriff's Office to help find and aid people in distress.

Tegan and Vesper

Tegan Moore, CPDT-KA, CTDI

Tegan began training dogs in 2013. She believes anything worth doing should be done with enthusiasm, a philosophy taught her by her first rescue dog. She is an eager student of dog behavior and is particularly interested in the emotional state of the dog in training. Tegan trains and competes in Agility with her dogs. She is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Stunt Dog judge.She will shortly complete the requirements to certify as a Dog Parkour Instructor--one of only three in the U.S.--and has been working to fulfill the requirements for her Certified Professional Dog Trainer registration through the APDT. Continuing education credits: Agility: One Mind Dogs Methodology Workshops with Chris Ott (2014) and Rachel Sanders(2016), Young Dog Sequencing with Justine Davenport(2018) Seminars: Stunt Dog Workshop with Kyra Sundance(2017), International Dog Parkour Association Workshop with Karin Coyne and Abigain Curtis(2017), Shape Up with Lori Stevens(2018), I-Cue with Kathy Sdao(2018) You can find out more about Tegan at Temerity

Kristina and Lucy visit Utah

Kristina Huynh, CTDI

Kristina is widely known to her friends and family as that person who is always with a dog, long before she even had a pup to call her own! Whether she's dog sitting, fostering, or hanging out with her own dog, Nova, she's happiest when a furry friend is near. Kristina is a, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and she finds that one of the most rewarding things in her life is seeing the progress and improvement to a pup's life when things finally click. Kristina is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and loves teaching all dogs, including her own crazy lab, new tricks. Feel free to reach out ( if you have any questions.