Tragedy in Japan

Linda McVay, CCS CDW

Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. The tragedy that they have suffered is unimaginable and ongoing. Please consider going to the links listed below and donating whatever you can. We are including the link, Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support.

While we realize to some it seems ridiculous to worry about pets when so many people are in need, we felt it was important. For many people whose entire family has been lost, the love of an animal survivor may be all that remains to help keep them going.

Our second reason for including this link would be the wonderful volunteers from the Canine Search and Rescue organizations. These organizations descended on Japan from around the world and tirelessly worked to find survivors in the aftermath of this disaster. Each of those teams is responsible for their own expenses and yet they never hesitate to place themselves in harm's way to help people they have never met.

We also urge all of our clients to make an earthquake kit for every member of their family. Here at the UCLA studio we have emergency supplies for our Daycare dogs and ourselves just in case.

Here are some links to visit:

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue andSupport:

International Medical Corps:

Operation USA:

Salvation Army:

Earthquake Kit Information: